Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why I am a Christian, part 2

In an earlier post I offered a challenge to create a response to the question; "Why am I a Christian?" of 100 words or less and could be understood by someone who was not familiar with church, Christian faith and all the special language of faith.

Here is my most recent attempt to answer the question in 100 words or less. As I reflect on the true core of my faith it has come down to this expression.

What do you think?

I invite you to give the exercise a shot as well.

So here it is. Why I am a Christian.

I am a Christian because of Love. The Bible says: “God is love.” I have experienced the love of God in Jesus Christ in my own life. It has come when I was most unlovable and least deserving of love, as followers of Jesus loved me anyway.. Love inspires, challenges and motivates me to love others, particularly those who I would rather not love. I am continually changed by this love and I see it change others. It is in the church I experience and participated in this kind of radical loving. I choose to follow Christ because of love.

Grace & peace,

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Melissa said...

I'm still mulling over mine, but you incorporated something I've been thinking about into yours: the concept of love. For me, it's love and the continuing opportunity to start anew. I'll have to flesh that out a bit and post it once it's ready.