Sunday, May 02, 2010

What Kind of Country Will We Become?

The recent law regarding undocumented immigrants in Arizona raises a significant question; what kind of nation will we become?  We are living in a time of deep, systemic change.  In my life time our nation will become a country where whites are no longer the majority.   The way we make this transition will speak volumes to the kind of nation we wish to become.   Will we become a nation where a minority hangs onto power, instituting apartheid style laws to ensure control?  Or will we become a nation that embraces the principle that all men and women are equal.   

Nobel prize winner, Desmond Tutu, knows what it is like to live under an apartheid system.  He also knows about transitioning to majority rule with peace, reconciliation and hope.  I found his recent commentary on the Arizona law to be insightful and illuminating.  What kind of nation will we become?

I hope you will read it and reflect on his insights as well.

 Grace & peace,