Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reflections on 50

Today I reached a sort of milestone in my life, I turned 50. I am not sure what to feel or think about such an event, but a few things come to mind.

-Fifty is not as old as I used to think. I remember when 50 seemed ancient, but not any more. It does take a little adjustment in my mental clock, but just minor. Sure my body has changed, but it has been changing all of my life.

-After fifty years of living I think I’ve learned a few things: like how to make a good pizza, change the oil in the car, identify an albino chickadee (there is one which visits the feeder daily), how to say “thank you”, the simple pleasure of a walk in the woods, how to laugh and not take myself too seriously.

-After fifty years you’d think I’d learn not to: always look at my stomach in the mirror, get intimidated by angry people, over eat, worry about things I have no control over, leave piles of papers all over my office.

-Some other things I’ve learned; beauty is truly from the inside out, God is faithful and trustworthy, some kinds of grief always hurt, there is no greater treasure than the love of another, love gets better with practice and time, forgiveness is a gift which keeps on giving, gossip is also a gift which keeps on giving, a loving family is priceless…

So here I am, 50, over half way in this life. Today I know 50 is a great age to be (but so is 51, 61…). I feel so blessed.

I hope this day will be a blessing for you.

Grace & peace,


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