Friday, January 19, 2007

Why are you a Christian? -100 Words or Less

Can you do it? In 100 words or less can you state why you are a Christian?

To make it even more challenging, write it as if you are sharing your statement with someone who is not a Christian. So you can’t use unfamiliar theological or church terms. It has to make sense to someone with little or no experience with the church or Christian faith.

It also must be from the heart and not preachy. This is not why someone else should be a Christian, but why you are a follower of Jesus.

When you think you’ve completed the statement, share it with someone else and ask them to critique it. Then go back and perfect it.

If you’d like to share your final version with us, post it as a comment to my blog for others to see.

Finally, I challenge you to memorize it, so when the opportunity arises you can share it with someone who is not a Christian.

Right now, my statement is down to 300 words, so I’ve a ways to go before it is ready to be posted.

Will you take the challenge?

Grace & Peace,


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