Friday, March 19, 2010

Followers of the Way

"The desire of the early Christians to experience and include Jesus in their daily lives explains why the very first Christian creed was “Jesus is Lord.” Clearly, the earliest Christians considered Jesus to be the object of their love, devotion, and life itself.

The best way they new to incorporate his teachings into their lives was by remembering how he lived and trying to reproduce it. Christianity was about a relationship, not a set of propositions or doctrines. They saw in Jesus a life worth watching. Thus, Christians were first called “followers of the Way.” The goal of Christianity was never about learning or teaching the Scriptures. It was about living like Jesus lived.” A Second Resurrection, Bill Easum

Followers of the Way. What if we began to describe ourselves as Followers of the Way? What if we understood following Jesus to be first about what we did, how we lived, not so much about what we believe?

Something this simple, following the Way, will change the church and transform our communities and world. It will change you and me.

I wonder who we will choose to follow?