Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We Just...

Lately I’ve been thinking about the phrase, often used in prayer. It goes; “God, we just ask…” “We just.” What does this phrase say about how we think of God or about prayer? “We just” sounds like it is something insignificant… But Mom, we just went down the street for a minute.” “I’ll just whip up something for supper.”

So what does it imply when we address the Supreme Being of the all existence, the Source of all life, the Holy One, and say; “We just…” It suggests a lack of seriousness, of respect. Seems to me prayer is a little more significant than “just” would imply. a

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a big fan of long, elaborate prayers using language I barely understand. ( Maybe I’m not a fan of such prayers because I can’t create prayers like that or because they bore me.)

I like the idea that prayer is conversation with God, spending time with God. (I don’t believe we have to say anything to pray.) But this is not an insignificant activity! Spending time with the Creator of the universe seems pretty significant to me.

Or if I pray to Jesus, my friend, my brother, I still think it is deserving of the same respect I’d give to any other friend or family member. (“Gee I had nothing better to do so I thought I just spend a little time with you.” Somehow that just doesn’t do it for me.)

If I am praying for the healing of someone who is sick, do I want to say, ‘I just ask you to bring healing to ____” as if it really isn’t a big deal or that important. If I long for God to intervene then my prayer ought to reflect it. I can’t recall any of the Psalms saying “we just”. They speak with passion, energy and conviction.

Ok, I don’t want to make too much of this. But you get my drift. Don’t “just “ pray. Pray from the heart. Don’t “just” come into God’s presence, really be present with God.

Does it bother God? Some how I doubt it. But it says something about me when I “just” God. So I’m going to try to be conscious of what I say when I pray.

Just think about it, okay?

Grace & peace,