Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bleary Eyed at Conference

I’m not a marathon runner, but conference often feels that way. Fatigue sets in. But it is not a weariness of spirit. It is from a lack of sleep and long days.

I’m reminded of the community of which I am a part. A community which is diverse, compassionate, and generous. The singing is incredible. The laughter is contagious.

I’ve been surprised by times of tears. Must be getting older. I watch the ordination service, knowing the journey some of those new pastors have traveled and my eyes filled with tears. They are filled with such joy, such enthusiasm, such hope. I pray they hold onto it and build upon it.

I listened to the names called in the memorial service and recognized far to many. Lives lived so well. Friends who have gone on. Churches which are no more.

The preachers have moved me to hold onto hope, broaden my perspective, listen for new life coming to dry bones.

Most of all, I am reminded of this community of faith. Long time friendships renewed. New one formed. Acts of compassion. Words of welcome. Hugs of hope. This is what it is finally all about for me. To be in community, relationship with others. Even though we do not agree on many things, we are community. Community communing with the one God.

The mystery of the Trinity reminds me that the very nature of God is community. I have come to believe that community is an essential component of being a Christian.

So where do you find community? Where can you create Christian community?

More reflections later.

Bleary eyed but still awake,


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Starangel1983 said...

So where do you find community? Where can you create Christian community?

To be honest, for a long time, I haven't really felt/found much community. The communities that I had, I outgrew *like youth group*, or they moved away or withered and died *like crossroads*. Its been hard and I've been struggling to feel a sense of community in the last year or two. I find my community in my memories right now, in my heart... and eventually I hope to find it wherever I am.

And where can I create it? I would say my church... but right now I just don't know. Really the options are boundless if the right people are there to be involved. Maybe the community is there and I just have to feel it in me somewhere to recognize it that its all around. I guess its what we make of it. *yeah, I'm rambling*

Love and miss you Mike