Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saved by a Trucker

I was driving my friend’s pickup, pulling a heavy trailer load along interstate 78 in New Jersey. I think I am a pretty good driver. But I have limited experience pulling a heavy trailer As I accelerated onto the highway, the trailer started gently fishtailing back and forth. The more I corrected, the worse it got. Finally, a trucker pulled up beside me and motioned me to pull over. Just a simple gesture saved the day. I pulled over thinking there was something wrong with the trailer. But the problem was behind the steering wheel.

By stopping, I was able to talk it through with my friend. I realized I needed to adjust my driving to address the new situation. My driving reality had changed. Instincts for driving a passenger car would apply differently to pulling the trailer. I would need to be more attentive and vigilant to my driving. I was able to restart and drive on without further incident.

I thank God for the trucker who motioned me to a stop. He made all the difference.

Is there someone like that in your life who challenges you to stop what you are doing? Can you be that person for someone else, even a complete stranger?



Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Mike,

Thanks so much for giving credit where credit is due, in your post about your fishtailing incident in NJ.

I cited it in a blog post on

Rich Wynes

Rich Wynes said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for giving credit to that helpful truck driver in your post about the fishtailing incident in New Jersey.

I cited your post in our blog.

Stay safe.