Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teaching About Change

I have a question for the five of you who read my blog. How would you teach a group of people about change? I mean the reality of change, the need for change and the way to change? Have you seen a video or watched a movie that invites people to recognize our changing reality or offers new ways to think about the world in which we live?

I am part of a team of people designing a presentation to share with over 700 people who are a part of United Methodist churches in the Tri-State District, where Jan and I serve. The presentation will be shared with groups as small as a dozen and as large as five dozen. Most will be over 45, many over 60 with a few under 30. The presentation will be 15 to 20 minutes long with additional time for discussion. It is intended to stimulate thought about the changing reality in which the church exists today.

So I’m looking for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions for video clips or entire videos and whatever resources you think might be helpful. Please post them here to stimulate our conversation.



Ben Davis said...

Here are two videos that are quite stimulating.

The first one, "Did you Know", talks about the changes occurring presently in the world, it's a bit long, but quite interesting.


The second one is shorter and deals more particularly with Web 2.0.


Mike Davis said...

Thanks Ben.

Allen Ewing-Merrill said...

Hi Mike:

You're probably familiar already with the landmark book "Leading Change," by John Kotter. I have found the wisdom in that book to be helpful.

A resource person I would recommend is Herb Taylor, who has been incredibly successful in leading change both in local churches and currently at the New England Deaconess Association.

You might also be interested to know that Herb is leading a workshop entitled "Navigating the Rough Waters of Change" at this year's School of Congregational Development (WOW) coming up Nov. 6-8 in Bloomfield, CT. It's going to be a great event, and I know this workshop will be well worth attending.


martin said...

Your change blog is helpful and intriguing, thank you. As I have experienced change over the years,as part of a ritual I have listened to a recording of Nina SImone singing " Everything Must Change." On her "Baltimore" CD. It is powerful, emotional and deeply provoking as one reflects on change. Just a thought.

Mike Davis said...

Thanks Allen & Martin for your suggestions.

Mike Gray said...

I went through a really neat exercise in my Buddhism class at seminary to find out just how "programmed" and "set in our ways" we all are. We were asked to think about the way we took a shower. If you write down the way that you shower (how long, in what order, how you dry yourself off), it is amazing how little your routine changes from day to day. This is much how we all go through much of our lives, even at (especially at?) church. I've used the example in sermons and have gotten some good comments the following week.

Anonymous said...

How do you know there are only five? :)